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“Allen!”  A tall red head shouted from across the room the second he spotted his friend.  They shared the same class their fourth period.  The class was Home Economics.  The red head had joined because he wanted to learn to cook because he couldn’t make anything, not even the instant noodles that require only hot water.  He didn’t realize that his next door neighbor was going to be in the class as well.  That was about three months ago since his pleasant surprise.

“Hey, Spencer.”  The smaller black haired male said smiling a little.  He was younger than the green eyed male by two years, making him a sophomore to Spencer’s senior.

“Spencer!”  A girl with straight, brown hair called over the pale male as he was crossing the room to meet up with his neighbor.  “Do you have a second?”  She asked, arching her left eyebrow.

“Sure, sure.”  He nodded with each “sure” that he spoke.  He wanted to get whatever she wanted to say to him over and done with so that he could start talking to his friend, who was tying his starch white apron on.  The red head spared the younger male one last look as if he would never see his friend ever again.
Turning his head away, he changed directions so he could talk with the girl that was known for giggling every time he walked past her.  It was to no one’s surprise, especially not his, when she giggled a little when he approached her.  Little did Spencer know that the giggles had attracted his neighbor’s attention.  “So?”  The red head said quizzically, arching his eyebrow the slightest bit.  “What is it, Becky?”  He asked a little more casually.  He turned his head a little so he could judge how far away he was to the counter, and leaned back.  His stance was very relaxed.

“Are you still coming over?  To my house?”  She asked in the loudest whispered ever known to man.  The girl was a freshman, so she liked the sound of a senior coming over to her house for whatever reason.  She also loved the looks of jealousy the older girls shoot at her.

Allen watched the exchange, he was mildly curious as to why his friend would want to go to such an annoying girl’s house.  Unless, of course, Spencer liked Becky and was going over to her house to do unmentionable things to her.  The thought was too much and made him blush a vivid red.  The younger boy turned away just in time to miss his neighbor lean forward to whisper in the girl’s ear, her face growing red as well.  As he pulled away, he smiled brightly at her and walked away from the girl to finally go to the cooking station that he and the curly haired male shared.

“Sorry ‘bout that.  No one can ever say “no” to that girl.”  He chuckled lightly as he grabbed an apron for himself from a drawer beside the black and white oven.

“It’s okay…” the short boy said softly.  He was always quiet during school.  He tried to avoid people because of his intellect.
“Don’t be so loud, Allen.  I’m not that deaf.”  Spencer teased his friend.  Shaking his head, the red head looked at the black haired male and said, “You really do need to loosen up some.  Everyone knows you’re my best friend and won’t bother you any more.”  His voice was soft as he spoke.  He failed to mention that there were even girls that were friends with the green eyed boy that just recently asked if the younger boy was single.

“I know, but I’m not going to be changing instantly, I’ll probably always be like this, at least, at school.  I was put through too much when I was younger.”  The black haired boy said.  He looked down at the piece of paper that was taped down on the counter, sighing softly, “We’re making chili today.”

“Why is everything so hard to make?”  What happened to plain old P-B-and-J?”  Spencer complained as he fetched the cans of beans out of the cupboard above the stove since the younger boy couldn’t reach that high.  He also pulled down the canned tomatoes and tomato paste.

“Chili powder too, please.”  Allen requested, still looking down at the printed paper.  He always did the cooking while the taller male provided the comic relief and got everything that was needed in the dish.  Allen had let Spencer try and make their first food project, which was blueberry muffins, but he couldn’t even do that right.  He ended up putting too much water in and completely ruining the project.

“I’m so glad you ended up in my period for Home Ec.  If you weren’t here, chances are, I’d probably be failing right now.”  The shaggy haired male said as the short boy was browning the beef that Spencer got out of the refrigerator a moment before.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t be failing because you would have more than likely burned down the school.”  The other male replied, sounding dead serious, which made the older teen laugh.  While he was laughing, the curly haired boy risked a glance over at him.  “It’s no laughing matter, Spencer.”  Again, he was sounding as serious as he could muster, which wasn’t as much as before because he was grinning a little.
“Sure it is, because it is the truth.”

“Mr. Michaels, do you care to tell us what is so funny?”  A young blonde woman reprimanded her student fiercely.  He looked down at the ground shook his head.  “Then get back to work.”  She said and turned away to help some other students.

“I’m sorry.”  Allen apologized gently.

“Don’t worry about it.”  The red head said, smiling as if there was nothing wrong with the world.  He saw no reason for Allen’s apologies.  “Keep an eye on the beef.”  He reminded his friend softly.  The blue eyed boy nodded once and turned back to the food.

“Hey!”  Becky said, skipping down the hall until she was standing next to Spencer- who was against the locker next to Allen’s.  “Hi, Allen!”  She giggled.

“Hi…” the curly haired boy replied uncertainly.  Why was she there, he wondered.  He was used to Spencer getting attention from other girls, but most them have learned by now that he didn’t liked being bothered after school let out.

“Are you driving me home?”  She asked the taller male, her voice was filled to the brink with hope.

“No can do.  I told you, I’ve got practice today, and I told you that I would stop by your house afterwards.”  He explained gently.  “Besides, shouldn’t you get everything ready?  It’s a short practice since today is Friday.”  He added quickly to try and brighten up the girl’s spirits.

“Oh.  Okay!  I’ll see you later tonight.”  She chirped sweetly.  “Bye, Allen!”  She said before walking down the hall.

“Bye?”  The curly haired boy called after her.  He felt so awkward, did his best friend have a girlfriend and he didn’t know about it?

“Are you staying after to watch me practice, or is your big brother picking you up, today?”

“Staying.”  He answered, not knowing how happy he made his best friend.


“What’s going on with you and Becky?”  He asked, unable to keep the question in.

“Um…. What do you mean?”  Spencer asked in turn, shutting Allen’s locker when he finally pulled out his black messenger bag and put it over his right shoulder.  They began walking towards the gym.

“I mean, do you like each other?”  He asked a twinge of jealously raising inside of his petit body.

The question made the tall male chuckle a little, he shook his head.  “Well, she likes me, that much everyone knows, but I don’t like her.  I like…” He paused, he almost said “you”, his face flushed almost instantly.

“Who do you like?”  Allen caught the trailed off sentence and got curious about the object of his best friend’s affection.

The question asked made the red head blush more.  He was such a terrible liar.  “I like… uh… basketball!”  He exclaimed, chuckling uneasily.  “Locker room.  I have to change for practice.  You know where to go by now.”  He said rushing towards the door and grabbing the handle, he practically threw himself through the opening as soon as it was big enough for his body.

“Okay?”  Allen spoke to the slowly closing door.  He stood there, just watching the door fall closed behind the taller male.  When the gentle thump was heard he turned on his heel and headed towards the wooden, double doors hat served as one of the entrances to the gymnasium.

While the black haired male waited for Spencer’s basketball practice to be over with, he pulled out a book he had been reading and flipping to the page marked by a piece of scrap paper, it used to be Spencer’s cell phone number- it was the more recent one because his other one broke, due to being dropped too many times.  The book was a biography on Hitler; the boy was a history buff.  He wanted to be a history teacher after he got out of college.
“Alright boys!  Let’s start with some laps around the gym.”  The coach called out the moment he was sure that all of his members were present for the practice.  He blew his silver whistle that hung around his muscular neck to signal that the boys needed to get a move on.
“Biggs!  Pick up that pace and those legs! Just because today is short doesn’t mean you get the day off!”  The balding man shouted at one of the boy, the only one who was going a power walk.

“Good job Roberts and Michaels.  Keep up the pace, but no chit-chat!  We aren’t the cheer squad!”  The coach scolded and praised at the same time.  The words and hearing his best friend’s last name had Allen looking up and noticing that the red head was leading the team with a blond boy by his side, the blond looked to be the same age as the blue eyed boy, but he didn’t have a clue as to who he was.  The boy didn’t puzzle over the mystery of the boy’s first name because he saw his neighbor waving at him and smiling, as he always did.

The coach blew the whistle after a few more minutes of jogging.  That was when the curly haired realized that he had been not taken his eyes off of the shaggy haired male throughout the warm up.

“Okay,” the coach started out, “since this is short, we’ll just practice shooting.  All of them!  Free-throws and all!  Do your stretches and then half of you stay on this end of the court and the other half goes to that end with me.”  He said loudly.  After the man was finished speaking, he walked away to speak with the assistant coach.

“Spence!”  The blond called out, “let’s stay on this end.  Biggs can go down to that end.”  He suggested, standing rather too closely too the taller male for Allen’s comfort.

“Uh… you okay with that, Danny?”  He asked a gentle quality in his voice as he looked at the boy who had been volunteered to go to the other side.

“Yeah, I’m totally cool with it.”  He responded, though he was glaring at the blond male that was now touching Spencer’s right shoulder.
“You know, you don’t have to go, Danny.”  The red head said, moving his shoulder to remove the hand that touched him.

“Nah, I’m cool, really.  I’d rather practice with Coach Jefferson anyways.”  He said jerking his thumb towards the other side of the court where other boys were gathering and stretching their legs at.  Spencer nodded once and walked away, closer to the corner that Allen tucked himself into.  (The bleachers were folded up, so he had to sit in a corner.)

“I can’t resist not saying this; you remind me of my old hamster.  Remember Bob?  He always sat in the corner with the most stuff in it and he’d stare and stare.  Almost like he was observing everything that was unfolding before him.”  The basketball player chuckled as he sat down; spreading his legs out and reached forward.

“It was cute.”  He said, with out thinking, after moving to reach for his right foot.

“Are you calling me, your next door neighbor, cute?  Or are you implying I’m much like a small rodent?”  Allen asked trying not to blush, and trying not to look away from the other male’s pale face.

“Neither.”  He answered a couple seconds later and moved to reach for his left foot.  “I’m calling you, my best friend, cute…” he said and stopped abruptly.  “Because you know, I was thinking ‘bout Bob.”  He added quickly, trying to cover up what he had just said.  He got up and adjusted his red shorts and walked away.
“Hey!  Can any one toss me a ball?”  He asked.

“Sure thing, Spence!”  The blond said, smiling at the red head in a very peculiar way that made the black haired male in the corner feel sick to his stomach.

“Thanks, Kid.”  The red head said when the blond passed the ball to him.  “Hey, your pass has improved.  Good job!”  He complimented as he got in line to shoot.  When his turn was up, he stood at the free-throw line and dribbled it a couple of times before he let the ball fly through the air.  While everyone had their eyes trained on the ball, Allen had too difficult of a time of tearing his eyes away from the red head’s body.  Even if he was just standing there, he had an air of grace to him.

Time, which felt as if it had slowed down, sped back up when the ball made it through the hoop making a satisfying swoosh.

“Our star playa is in de house, yeah!”  One of the few black guys shouted.  “Great job, yo!”  He grinned and passed the red head the ball, aiming a little too high, making him jump so that he could catch it.

“I’m not the star anything.”  He said laughing and getting back into the line.

“Hey, you scored the most baskets last year.  I think you are a star player.”  The blond said turning around to look at the green eyed male.

“I’m not the star.  ‘There is no I in team’, remember that well.”

“But there is an I in win.”  The boy reminded him.  It made the red head shake his head and sigh a frustrated sigh.

“Alright, see you later, Allen.”  Spencer said as he dropped off the younger boy at his house.

“Bye.”  He replied almost shutting the door but stopped and caught it before it shut completely.  The red head looked at him, curiosity in his emerald green eyes.


“Do you know what tomorrow is?”  He asked softly.  He wasn’t sure if his friend would know what December tenth was.

“Saturday?  The tenth?  What about it?”  He asked, confusion coating his low voice.

“Never mind.  Have fun at Becky’s house.”  The boy replied, forcing himself to smile.  “Bye.”  He said again, slamming the door shut.

Spencer jogged up the steps of the old looking brick house and knocked on the door.  He wanted to go in, get the cake made and decorated and leave.  He looked at his surroundings; a few flakes of snow were falling lazily to the ground and then melting away.  It would be a few hours before anything accumulated at all.  He glanced at the door as he heard barking from the other side of the door.  He could also hear Becky yelling at the dog to move.  She finally opened the door and he noticed that she had changed out of the sweatshirt and jeans she had worn at school.  She was now in a tight button up shirt that had the top four buttons undone so that a little pink lace peeked through; she was also wearing skin tight jeans.

“Hey, Spencer.  Don’t mind Eeyore.”  She giggled.

“Cute dog.”  He said reaching to scratch the greyhound behind the ears.  “Any ways, lead me to the kitchen.”  He said a second later, standing straight.

“This way.”  She swept her arm out and led the way.  “Where is your coat, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“My car.  I got hot, plus I’m wearing this thing, so I won’t freeze.”  He grinned as he pulled at his grey hoodie.

“Oh, okay.  So, who is this cake for?”  She asked softly as they began to enter the dining room that was attached to the kitchen.  “That’s for casual dinner, the other one is through those glass doors,” she explained as if it matter to anyone besides her.

“It’s my mom’s birthday, and since she has to put up with me for eighteen years I figured that I should make her a cake, but I didn’t want to blow up the house.”  He lied, he was thankful for the fact that her back was to him because his face was flushing a violent red.

“You’re really that bad?”  She asked.

“Yeah.  Can’t even make instant noodles.”  He laughed.

“That’s pretty sad.”  Becky laughed with him.  She was standing at the counter and was flipping through a recipe book.  “I figured that we could make this one.  It has two layers, yellow cake, and strawberries and cream cheese in the middle, then make that into a strawberry-cream-cheese icing.  It’s easy to make and it is delicious.  Your mom will love it.”  She said smiling at him.

“Sounds good to me.”  He said softly.  “Hey, do you have those candy letters people decorate cakes with?”

“Yeah.  Are you wanting to say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ on it?”  She asked.

“No, I was thinking ‘I LOVE YOU’.  She doesn’t like hearing ‘birthday’ any more.  It makes her feel old.  If she had her way, she’d stay forty for the rest of her life.”  He explained before the girl could ask about it.  This time, that was the truth.

“That’s cute.”  She said instead of asking.  “Let’s get this started.”  She chirped and held a remote and pressed a button and the Jonas Brothers started playing on the unseen speakers.  It was more than a little creepy for the older male and the fact that it was some song about them “burning up” for some one just added to the creepiness factor.
“Yeah, let’s get this started,” he said trying to sound excited, but ended up muttering, “so this can end,” under his breath.
“You say something, Spencer?”  Becky asked, turning around from the closet that was in the kitchen.

“I didn’t say anything.”  He said innocently.

“Okay, get in the refridge and grab a thing of eggs, a thing of strawberries, and a package of cream cheese, please.”  The female said, her voice muffled by the fact that she was speaking into the pantry instead of telling him.
He grabbed the things out of the fancy looking cooling unit.  “Do you guys have a lot of money?”  He asked, closing the door with his back as he so often did at his home.

“You could say that.”  She answered, looking at him.  She was armed with cake mix, powdered sugar, vanilla, and a can of cooking spray.

“Wash your hands,” Becky instructed as she fluttered about to press buttons on the state of the art oven.  “You touched my dog; we don’t want risking getting your mom sick.”  She explained, obviously in her element.  The only other person that was a better cook than her was Allen, and the red head didn’t want him knowing about the cake.

“I know Allen does all the cooking and baking in class, well, we won’t play by those rules here, Spencey.”  She said placing a metal bowl in front of him.


“Sorry, Spencer.”  She blushed and handed him the cake mix.  “Mix that according to directions.

“Where’s the oil?”  He asked looking at the ingredients that they needed to make the cake.  “And I need a measuring cup.”  He added as he opened the box carefully and pulled out the package of cake mix.
“I’ll get those for you.”  She said moments before he pried open the package and caused it to explode on him, coating him and the counter with most of the mixture.  She turned around and giggled.  “I didn’t know that was possible.”  She said with more giggles.

“Yeah…” he sighed wiping away from of the mix from his face.  “You have another box of this stuff?”  He asked.

“We have chocolate cake mix, we can use that instead.”  She said placing down on the counter a half empty bottle of vegetable oil and a box of chocolate cake mix.  She helped him wipe off the counter.

After they were finished cleaning off the counter she handed him a pair of scissors.  “Maybe you should take off your sweatshirt so I can shake it out.”  She suggested and he complied by taking it off to reveal a plain blue tee-shirt.

“Thank you so much, Becky.”  Spencer said at the door.  She was holding a box that held the cake.  The box looked like it came from a bakery, but the cake inside didn’t look as nice.  “I can’t believe it came out smelling good instead of death.”  He laughed quietly as he began down the steps of the house.  He noticed that the temperature had dropped since earlier, and the sun had long gone down.

“It was fun, Spencer.  Remember to put that in the refridge when you get home.”  She called after him while he was putting the cake in his car.
“Thanks again.”  He said, throwing on his Dayton Flyers jacket on.  He didn’t even realize that he had forgotten his hoodie in Becky’s house.  He just got into his car and left.  He was actually proud of the cake, other than the explosion of cake mix nothing happened.

After he got home he put the cake away in the almost empty refrigerator and grabbed a cold slice of pizza and scarfed it down.

In the living room he could see his mother fast asleep on the couch with the television on.  He walked over to his mother and kissed her forehead before he reached for the remote.

“Sweetie?”  She stirred slightly.


“There’s pizza in the fridge.”  She said half asleep still.

“I know, Mom.”

“Where were you, Dear?”  She stirred a little more.


“She your girlfriend?”  She began to sit up a little.

“No.  I asked her for some help making something.”  He answered, sitting down next to his mother, who had curly red hair.

“What were you making?”  She was so tired looking, but she wanted to know about her son’s day.

“A cake.”  He answered quietly.

“Oh?”  Is it for another girl, then?”  She asked, her curiosity peaked.

“It’s for Al.”  He answered truthfully.  He could never lie to his mother, she knew him too well to actually get away with it.

“Al?  Is that short for Allison?  Or Alice?  Let’s be more specific, Son.”  She said, wiping at her face as she was forced to think of an “Al”.

“You know Al, Mom.”

“Al… Al… No… Oh!  That Al.”  She said.  “Why are you making him a cake, Sweetie?”

“You won’t like my answer, so don’t ask.”  He said looking down at his lap.  He was moving to leave the living room, but was stopped by his mother grabbing his arm.

“Don’t ever tell me that.  I’ll support you.”  She said.  She was guessing the answer.  Part of her hoped that she was wrong, but the other part knew she was right.  He was her son, so of course she knew.
“I like him, Mom.”  He said quietly, not looking at his mother, ashamed of having to tell her.

“I hope it works out, Baby.”  She said with no hesitation to her voice.  Her face was gentle and gave away that she was really hoping that it would.  She tugged her son forward and gave him a hug.  “I have to get up early, so goodnight, Baby.”  She whispered gently before releasing him and curling up on the couch.  She hadn’t slept in her own room since his father died in a plane crash seven years ago.

He looked at the woman that raised him and felt sad for her.  He turned away, stealing another slice of pizza before heading to his room and turned on his computer.  He kept his lights off.  He looked out of his window and saw that a dim room.  He logged into his instant messenger account and typed in:

Come over tomorrow morning.  11-ish.

He sent it and waited for the reply from Allen.  He got it.  It said:

Sure thing.  Did you have fun today?

He shook his head as if his neighbor could actually see him.

No.  JoBros were playing the entire time.  CREEPY!  LOL!  I’m going to shower.

He put his away message and got clothes to change into after his shower.  He heard the ding that alerted him of a new I.M., but he disregarded it.

Allen sent him something that would have made him drop his clothes and run to kiss the boy had he read it.  But he would never read it because his computer logged off after being left to idle for more than five minutes.

After his shower Spencer jiggled his mouse as he walked by to toss his clothes on a growing pile of dirty clothes and towels.  He sat down at his computer and waited for all the applications to finish turning on.  As he waited he rubbed his damp hair with the fluffy white towel that was resting on his bare shoulders.
He double clicked his media player and went down his list of songs until he found Rockstar by Nickelback.  He sung lightly and double clicked on the messenger icon and signed back in.  Allen was no longer on; he moved his chair to look out the window.  The light was still on.  Maybe the boy thought he had taken too long and logged off and started reading one of his many history books.  He shook his head causing his red hair to drip a few lingering water droplets on his bare chest.  It was no worry to him, they both had to lead their own lives, besides, and he needed to think of a way to either confess his feelings or at least explain the cake.  He held his head and sighed softly, there was so many scenarios that played through his mind, some of the reactions he thought of were good, some were bad and some led to XXX scenes.  He liked the more mature reactions, but he doubted that they would happen; Allen wasn’t that type of person.
He heard a ding and looked up at the computer screen.  It was a name he didn’t know but didn’t have to ask because a second message came and reveal the face.  It was Becky.

A third ding:

u left ur hoodie @ my house

The green eyed boy looked around his room to make sure she wasn’t lying.
I guess I did.  Can you bring it to school on Monday?

He asked her.

i can bring it ovr 2morrow i  have a dentist apptmnt & we drive by ur house kool?

She replied.

Okay.  I have to go, my mom is home.  I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.  Bye.

He quickly typed and was logging off as Allen was logging in.  He cursed loudly and shut off the computer completely and just turned his chair and turned on his television and his gaming older gaming system.

Allen was staring at the name that was in italics.  Why did Spencer log off so quickly?  Did the red head actually read what he sent him?  He had been so sure that the computer would have shut off before the older male got back from his shower.  He sighed quietly at the screen of his computer.  He double clicked his brother’s screen name and thought about asking him for some help, though he would pretend that Spencer was a girl instead of a beautiful guy.  He ended up closing the box and setting his messenger on the away status and grabbed his thick book and read it instead.

The red head put on his black sweater and a pair of tight- but not skinny- dark blue jeans, he answered the door when he heard someone knocking, it was almost eleven and he was figuring it was Allen and he was muttering something about it being ten years.  When he opened it the first thing he noticed was arms throwing themselves around his neck.  He blinked and pried them off of him.
“Hi, Spencey!”  Becky said, grinning.  She looked like she was ready to go on a date instead of the dentist.  She was wearing a jean skirt with black leggings and light pink UGG boots and a puffy pink coat.

“Hi?”  He said confused by the hug.  Wasn’t that molesting someone, the way she threw herself at him?

“Here is your sweater.”  She said, this time she was meek.  “I washed it for you.”  She said quietly.

He took the sweatshirt from her and noticed a pink piece of paper pinned to the neatly folded sleeve.  “Thanks, Becky.”  He said as he was pulling out the pin and unfolding the note.  The note said “I love you” in fancy script.

“Um… Becky?  Are you serious?”  He asked incredulously.

“Yeah!”  She nodded.  “I realized that you were lying so I thought, “why would he blush about saying “I love you” and why didn’t he say “Mom” at the end?  There was plenty of room on the cake.”  And that’s when I realized that you were saying it to me in a discreet way.”  She said sounding proud of her detective skills.  “I love you, too, Spencey!”  She squealed before he could explain and she pulled his face down so she could kiss him fully on the lips.
His eyes were wide open and he saw Allen staring at him and Becky.  The boy turned away, smiling sadly.

Allen thought the reason why Spencer, after seeing the scene, asked him over was to show off his new girlfriend.  The curly haired male walked past his house, he walked towards the park.  The cold rain that began falling wasn’t helping his mood, but he was glad for it because he could openly cry while walking.

Spencer pulled away from Becky, his hand on her shoulders, keeping as far away from him as possible.  “I don’t love you.”  He said, his voice hinting at his anger at the girl who ruined everything for him.

“But the cake…” she whimpered, but was cut off.

“Was no secret sign.  Sure, I lied about my mom, but it.  WASN’T.  FOR.  YOU!”  He said loudly.

“Well, when your girlfriend comes to school Monday, I’ll make sure she knows how I kissed you first.”  She said snidely.

“You are a dumb bitch.”  He said too coolly, using a word he would never say unless he was thoroughly ticked off.  “I’m gay.  And you ruined everything.”

“You’re a fag?  I just kissed a queer?  What the Hell?!”

“Get out, now!”  He yelled and forced her out of his house.

“I KISSED A GAY GUY!”  She screeched from behind the door.

Spencer grabbed his hoodie from off of the ground and threw it into the first trash can he came across and went on to look for his shoes and car keys.  He figured Allen would go to the one place that he went to when he wanted to get away from it all.  He slipped his bare feet into his plain black DC shoes and tugged on his Dayton Flyers coat and grabbed his keys off of the counter.  He headed for the garage door.

Allen shivered as he sat on a swing and rocked back and forth.  He sniffled loudly, but didn’t bother lifting his pale hand to wipe away the rain or tears.  He didn’t bother to move his curly bangs from his face, either.

“He really didn’t remember, and he picked today to kiss her!”  He grumbled to himself, looking down at his lap.  The icy water dripping off of the tip of his nose and fell on to his lap.

“He didn’t pick to kiss that brat.”  A familiar voice said.  Spencer grabbed the swing and stopped it from moving but the smaller boy just got up and walked to the slide.  He kept his back to the red head.  The young boy felt his body being forced to move.  He tried to stand still but he was too weak and the ground was too wet.

“Look, she kissed me.  I wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole.  She gives me the creeps, Allen.”  Spencer explained softly.  He started chuckling when the angry boy moved his head to glare at him.  A look of “do you really think that I’m that stupid” was written all over his wet, pale face.  “’Course, she won’t even look at me, even if I was the last guy on Earth.”  He said softly.  “She apparently doesn’t take rejection in any form.”  He added.

“What did you say?”  The small boy asked, sniffling, still very much angry, but it was slowly washing away with the rain.

“Oh, the usual.  “I don’t like you”, “dumb bitch”, and of course the classic…” he trailed off looking at Allen in a funny way.  “”I am in love with someone else”.”  He said in a very gentle voice.

“Oh… I’m glad you are in love with someone, then.”  The black haired boy said, looking at the ground to hide his fresh wave of tears.

“You are dumb, Al.”  The red head said, lifting the boy’s chin so green eyes stared into blue eyes, and blue eyes could avoid green eyes.  “Truly dumb.”  He whispered before kissing the boy’s lips, slowly at first, and then more passionately when the younger boy became unfrozen from the shock of the kiss.

The older one pulled away from the kissed and hugged his best friend close.  “Happy anniversary.”  He said quietly.

“You remembered!”

“Duh!  I am not going to forget when I met my best friend.  Ten years.  I wanted to do something special.”  He confessed laughing.  He lifted one hand to push away his hair that was plastered to his forehead.

“You did?”  Allen asked, shivering a little.

“Yeah, but this was definitely not how I pictured it.”  Spencer chuckled and pulled away from the hug and grabbed the boy’s hand.  “I have always wanted to kiss in the rain.  Winter kind of sucks, though.”  He laughed, squeezing the boy’s hand and led him to his car.

“This is the smallest I have unless you are willing to wear my mom’s stuff.”  The red head chuckled as he tossed some clothes, pajamas, at his best friend.

“I don’t think I would like that much.”  The boy laughed, still drying his curls with a towel.  His eyes grew wide as his friend started stripping off his wet clothes.  “Spencer!”  She yelped, averting his blue eyes.

“What?!  I’m cold, wet, and too damned lazy to walk ten feet out of my room.  Get over it.  Besides, we have the same parts.”  He shrugged he was used to undressing in front of guys; it came with being in a team sport for six years.

“But- but…” Allen whimpered.

“What?”  Spencer said slyly, walking over in his plaid boxers and nothing else and leaned over the blushing boy.  “Are you embarrassed that you’ll like what you will see?”  He teased as he pushed the boy back on his bed and hovered over him.

“Sp-Spen-cer…” Allen couldn’t find his words; he blushed a fiercer shade of red.

The red head laughed lightly and slipped his hand under the smaller boy’s plain white tee-shirt and gentle lifted it up until a cute belly button was revealed.  “You’re cute.”  He said, moving so he could lean forward to kiss the boy’s forehead.  “I’ll get dressed somewhere else.  You break my heart.”  He laughed quietly and moved away.

“I hate you…” the curly haired male said as he sat up on the bed.

“I gathered.  I can’t even get dressed in my own room because my… boyfriend… is an innocent.”  He grinned and grabbed his dry clothes.  “I’ll be downstairs, bring your clothes down so I can clean them.”  He said, shaking his head.

“Boyfriend?”  Allen wondered quietly after the older male disappeared.

After changing in to Spencer’s small black tank top and white basketball short, which the fifteen-year-old had to keep hiking up so that they didn’t fall completely off his butt, he walked down the creaky stairs.  He walked towards the laundry room that was connected to the kitchen so he saw a gray sleeve sticking out of the trash can and a pink cake box on the counter.  Spencer was in the laundry room playing with the dial on the washing machine.  “Boyfriend?”  Allen asked him quietly, tossing his clothes into the washer.

“Yeah…” the red head said quietly.  “You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”  He asked, but didn’t give Allen a chance to answer.  “You do!  I just molested a straight kid!  Man, I wasted my evening at Becky’s making a cake for no reason!”

“Cake?”  Allen asked.  He had snapped his head up at the sound of the sweet that he loved oh so much.

“You won’t like what you see.”  Spencer said, sadly and leaned against the machine.  He was wearing a tight red tee-shirt and gray pajama pants.

“Can I go look?”  The black haired boy asked the red head.

“Pink box.”

The curly haired boy nodded and went into the kitchen, leaving Spencer to sulk in the laundry room.  He opened the lip.  The cake was lopsided, the top layer was half off the bottom and the icing look like a little kid did it.  The girly candied letters were all placed at odd angles and spaces.  He pursed his lips together and walked back into the laundry room and looked at the pouting figure and grabbed his face in his small hands and kissed the older boy’s lips gently.  “I love you, too.”  He said, lips pressed against the older boy’s once more.
It is a story I made up for dorkypaperclip because she is uber awesome and gets to read even more crappy writing like mine.

I actually enjoyed writing this piece. The song Follow the recipe or something like that from the Lazytown soundtrack sort of inspired the idea to this story.

This is boys' love, meaning that there are boys kissing, and an ALMOST molestation scene. There are a few strong words.

These characters are all my own, though Spencer's looks are based off of Lavi's sort of... not much.
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